2019 Results / 2020 Location

The 2019 individual and team results have been posted on the festival web site. http://www.jbqfestival.org

The 2020 National Festival will be held in Naperville, ILL on June 11 – 13, 2020.

Stay tuned to the Festival blog for breaking news.

Important Links for You

Here are some important links to follow scoring during the event.

Link for schedule & current standings:  http://www.jbq.org/registration/epost.aspx?l=JBQ_National_Festival&d=2019_Tucson-AZ

Link for in-room scores:  http://www.jbq.org/registration/rooms.aspx?guid=7f9aebc7-51be-4ce3-b086-b0b4d00b955a


Coaches Letter – Critical Information

2019 National JBQ Festival Plan

Congratulations on being part of the 34th annual National JBQ Festival. We are excited that you’ll be joining us at Victory Worship Center in Tucson AZ on June 6-8. It will be an awesome time for us to Declare His Glory and to crown the National JBQ Festival Champion for 2019. Please be praying for a great time of quizzing and fellowship, and for God to meet us in a special way.

Please read though this document completely so that you – the team’s coordinator or coach – will know exactly what is happening and what you need to do to prepare for the Festival.

Here is a list of items to complete and be aware of before arriving at the Festival.

  1. Book your hotel stay. You should have received a listing of the hotels we have blocks of rooms at. Thank you for using these hotels—this helps us keep the costs down for the Festival.
  2. Plan to have some fun in Arizona! Some kids have never seen mountains, the desert or the vastness of God’s creation like we will see in Tucson. There is Mt. Lemmon that you can drive up and some very cool places to stop on the ride up and see Tucson way below. Experience the weather change as you climb high into the mountains. Tucson has many other things that you can experience as well and we encourage you to have some fun while in Arizona. Click here to see some options.
  3. Get your order in for Festival T-shirts. Even though the deadline for guaranteed shirt orders has passed, you can continue to send in shirt orders.  He has ordered plenty of shirts. Email your order to hoonay61@yahoo.com and Pastor Phil will let you know if he has any problems filling your orders. 
  4. Order your Festival photos. We will have a photographer on-site taking pictures.  In addition to the individual team photos, we will have a group photo taken with all 80 teams and their entourages on Thursday evening.  To receive a discounted price, pre-order your photos by June 1 to guarantee delivery at the Festival. Click here to order.

  5. Meals during the Festival. The church will be serving lunch on both Friday and Saturday. We are asking that you do NOT leave the church for meals. Quizzing each day will start back up as quickly as it can after lunch, so we want to make sure everyone stays on-site.  Lunch tickets are available for purchase online.  Please go to the link on our website to order and pay for your lunches before arriving.  There are regular and gluten free options this year.
  6. Registration information. All registration information has been verified and entered into the database.  If something has to change, please send an email to j.b.q@comcast.net.  NO MORE ON LINE CHANGES ARE ALLOWED! 
  7. Opening ceremony. At check-in, you will receive a yellow beach ball and a marker. You can then put your team name on it or all the kids’ names. During the opening ceremony, when your team is announced, a slide will appear on the screen with your team name and city. When you hear your team name, stand and cheer and hit your beach ball in the air. Then sit back down as the next team is introduced.
  8. Consider making a team offering to BGMC. Our BGMC offering this year will go to support a “Bridge School” for orphans (primarily) and street kids in Zimbabwe who do not have the funds to attend school. Some of these kids have even deemed “unable to learn” and the government won’t send these kids to school because of this label. The bridge school they are starting helps these kids to learn their basic skills of reading and writing so they can continue on to school.  We have a missionary, Larry Allen, that is working in Zimbabwe with Pastor Tsungayi Chinyama at All Nations Worship Center in Overspill, Epworth.  BGMC is wanting to raise funds for equipment they are in desperate need of– desk, chairs, black boards, supplies, etc. With your offering to BGMC, you are spreading God’s Word to kids all over the world and helping our missionaries use JBQ to reach kids for Jesus.  Be planning now for that offering. All of us will be enjoying nice hotels and the fun of Arizona. Let’s think of others and be generous with our BGMC offering. Our goal this year is $7,000. We can do this as we all work together. Be sure to share this with your families that are coming and have them consider how they could be a part of this offering. Maybe have the kids think about doing extra chores and earning money themselves to help with this project.
  9. Ensure your officials are prepared. All officials registered as score keepers must watch the online video on the scoring program we will be using at the Festival.  Click here to watch. Also, please have ALL OFFICIALS read the current rules/guidelines before arriving.  We all need to be at our best for the weekend! 
  10. Fill out your waivers online before getting to the Festival. All quizzers and officials <17 years of age need to have a waiver completed. You cannot quiz without those release forms filled out.  Click here to complete. 
  11. Get your buzzer set ready. Each team is asked to bring a working buzzer set (please check it before coming) and an extension cord.  Label both with your church’s name and city as well as a cell phone number of someone attending the Festival. Be considerate of others and check and make sure it works.  Thank You! 
  12. PLEASE NOTE: The only food and beverage allowed in both the church and school buildings is water.  It is very easy for critters and insects to find crumbs and leftovers and cause a serious issue.  We need to do our part in helping our hosts to avoid any problems we need to abide by their rules.  For this reason, there is NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE ALLOWED IN THE CHURCH AND SCHOOL BUILDINGS (except water).



Team check-in:  Teams can check in anytime between 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM. The head coach will check in by region and your Regional Coordinator will be there to greet you. In your check-in materials, you will receive information about the Festival and facilities and you will have name tags for your team and coaches.  Please have your team wear them the entire time you are at the Festival. You will also be directed where to take your buzzer set.  All teams MUST check in and be at the opening ceremony.  You may forfeit your first round if your team is not there. Please check with a festival committee member if there are extenuating circumstances. Officials will be checked in by their coach on Thursday.

Team pictures:  Each team will receive a plaque at the awards ceremony that will have a team picture on it. That team picture will be taken on-site on Thursday between 3:30 PM -6:20 PM or after the Opening Ceremony.

After checking in, this is a great time to see where you will be quizzing. In your packet you will get your schedule and map, so you can see where your rooms are and where you will go for your first round on Friday morning. This year we will be quizzing at two different sites—Victory Worship Center and a school about a mile away. You will spend the whole day at the site you are assigned and lunch will be served at both locations. If you have more than one team from your church they may be at different locations for the day. Makes sure that each person has their tickets for lunch where they are.  If you want to go to the school on Thursday you can, but make sure to be back at the church in time for the officials meeting and/or opening ceremony.

Officials meeting:  All officials need to be present on Thursday and attend an informational meeting at 5:45 PM.  The meeting will be let out before the opening ceremony at 6:30 PM.

Opening Ceremony:  The ceremony starts at 6:30 PM and should last about one hour.  At the ceremony, we will be taking the large group picture. You will be free to leave by 8:00 PM unless you need to have your team picture taken for the plaque.


Team Check in:  Check-in is at 8:00 AM.  Your team will check in at the site you are quizzing at. Again, if you have two teams and one bus you will need to plan accordingly to get everyone where they need to be on time. It is about 5 mins driving time between the sites. Quizzing will start promptly at 8:15 AM.  Please be in your room and ready to quiz!

Official Check in:  Check-in is at 8:00 AM at the site where you are officiating at.  There will be a Festival staff member in the lobby of the church and at the school on Friday and Saturday mornings to confirm your room and position assignments. Please be in your room and ready to officiate before 8:15! You are in the same rooms both days.

Quizzing:  Hall Coordinators will be around to help make sure things are going smoothly and keep hallways quiet. They will let you know where you will be eating and when and where breaks will be. We do ask that you move quickly between rooms. We need to get 15 rounds in on Friday and want all teams to finish as close together as possible. Please be considerate of other teams and not make others wait.

Lunch:  Lunch will be served at both sites.  No teams or officials should leave the church grounds at lunch time. We want to eat and get back to quizzing as quickly as possible.

Worship service:  When quizzing is done on Friday we will have a 1 hour service in the sanctuary. It will be a time of worship and then our quest speaker – Kelly Presson – will be sharing on the need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. We expect God to do great things as we worship Him and seek to be empowered by His Holy Spirit. We know your kids know the Word.  What we want to see is that knowledge mix with God’s power. We want to see an army of kids inspired to impact their world for Jesus. We are praying and expecting God to do great things this year as well.  Make this part of your plans for the festival.

After the worship service the results of Friday quizzing will be posted on-line. You will receive a text when the results are posted. This will also tell you where you will be Quizzing as well. You will be quizzing in groups of 10 on Saturday and you will be assigned a color group. We will have a map with where the color groups will be quizzing.


Teams and Officials Check in:  Check-in is at 8:00am – same process as Friday – and quizzing will start promptly at 8:15am. Again, make sure you know what site you will be at. You will find out your division and which site your team is quizzing at on Friday evening.

Quizzing:  There is 9 rounds of quizzing on Saturday, all before lunch. When quizzing is done, you should go to lunch and then head to the church sanctuary.

Awards ceremony:  The awards ceremony will start around 1:30pm. We have some fun surprises that you and your kids will not want to miss. We will be taking the BGMC offering at this time. Each team will be recognized and will receive a plaque. Each child will also get a patch. We will celebrate each team and then crown our National JBQ Festival Champion for 2019. After crowning our Champion we will announce where the 2020 Festival will be.

Staying up to date on the Festival and finding the information you need has never been easier!  Along with the website, there is a Festival Blog (jbqfestival.wordpress.com) and we are on Twitter (@jbqfestival) and Facebook (National JBQ Festival).  Sign up and follow us for Festival information, updates and results.  Feel free to give this information to your church, your District and friends. Use these tools to help us promote Junior Bible Quiz.

It is going to be an awesome three days together. Please help us prepare in a timely way by taking care of all the things you need to do before arriving in Tucson. The information in this letter will also be available the National JBQ Festival website as well.

Let me encourage you to join me and the staff in praying over the Festival. Pray His Love, His Peace and His Joy will fill this Festival.

See you June 6th.

Pastor Barry Jorris
National Junior Bible Quiz Festival Coordinator


JBQ Day of Prayer

Tuesday, May 7 is our monthly day of prayer for Junior Bible Quiz.  This month, we want to lift our leadership in prayer.  Please pray for the JBQ leader at your church, your children’s ministry leader (pastor), and your lead pastor.  Also, pray for your District and Regional JBQ leadership.  Finally, we want to specifically pray for Mark Entzminger who is the Director of Children’s Ministries of the Assemblies of God in the United States.  Please pray for God’s divine wisdom and guidance for each of these individuals.

2019 JBQ National Festival Registration is OPEN!

Good evening. Registration is now open at jbqfestival.org.

You will start the registration process by paying the registration fee (the link is on the Registration Page). Once you have completed that you will receive an e-mail with a link to the registration site and also information for booking hotels.

If you have questions please contact me via e-mail – mkpaulsen@comcast.net.

Thank you.

Michael Paulsen

A word from the Chairman

Thinking this morning about the JBQ Festival and that, for the first time, we are taking to the mountain time zone. We are going to see from the church Mt. Lemmon.  I have driven up to the top of it and hiked a bit and it is beautiful. I have enjoyed all the different locations that we have been for the Festival but this by far has the best view.

The Festival staff and our host church, Victory Worship Center, are working towards this great event coming up on June 6-8. I know teams are studying hard, putting the word of God deeper and deeper in to their heart as they hope they get to be at this year’s Festival. The registration for this event will open soon. We already know that, this year, a team from Hawaii will be joining us! Soon we will know the other 79 teams that will qualify for this year’s Festival.

Be watching this blog for when registration will open and other important information about this year’s Festival. We look forward to seeing you in Tucson! Maybe on top of Mt Lemmon, or maybe I will be shaking your hand as you are crowned 2019 National JBQ Festival Champions.

Your Festival Coordinator,

Pastor Barry Jorris

P.S.  Jesus ❤️ You!


A special event…

Good morning. A very special quiz match just took place

3 cousins are quizzers from two different teams (from Arizona and Florida) and were competing in a match against each other today. Their grandparents are here and able to watch them compete.  The grandparents are from Florida and this was a once in a lifetime event where the cousins teams are in the same level at Nationals.

Congratulations to the quizzers, parents, and grandparents. Ask around and see who won! Actually they all win when they are at Nationals.