2019 Results / 2020 Location

The 2019 individual and team results have been posted on the festival web site. http://www.jbqfestival.org

The 2020 National Festival will be held in Naperville, ILL on June 11 – 13, 2020.

Stay tuned to the Festival blog for breaking news.

Important Links for You

Here are some important links to follow scoring during the event.

Link for schedule & current standings:  http://www.jbq.org/registration/epost.aspx?l=JBQ_National_Festival&d=2019_Tucson-AZ

Link for in-room scores:  http://www.jbq.org/registration/rooms.aspx?guid=7f9aebc7-51be-4ce3-b086-b0b4d00b955a