Deadline for Pictures – Plaques and Opening Ceremony

Good morning.

As you should be aware, the deadline for submitting pictures for the Award plaques as well as the opening ceremony event was May 27th.

I have been asked to extend the deadline so I am give everyone until 8 PM CDT this evening to send me their picture. Send it to After 8 PM this evening you will be announced but will not have a picture on the opening ceremony PowerPoint.

Thank you.

Michael Paulsen
Festival Committee

Meal Ordering Form – Important Update

Good afternoon. The host church has asked that rather than sending in free form via e-mail that you complete this form and e-mail it in. This has also been sent via e-mail to the coaches.

National JBQ Festival 2016

Lunch Orders

Church: ________________________________________

Contact: _______________________________________

Email: _________________________________________

Friday: please specify # meals

____ Adult Italian Chicken Lunch  X $10= _________

____ Child Italian Chicken Lunch X $8  =  _________

____Adult BBQ Pulled Pork Lunch X $10 = __________

____Child BBQ Pulled Pork Lunch X $8 = ________

Saturday: please specify # meals

____ Adult Ham Sandwich Boxed Lunch X $10 = ______

____Child Ham Sandwich Boxed Lunch X $8 = ______

____ Adult Roast Beef Sandwich Boxed Lunch X $10 = ______

____Child Roast Beef Sandwich Boxed Lunch X $8 = _____

____ Adult Turkey Sandwich Boxed Lunch X $10 = ______

____Child Turkey Sandwich Boxed Lunch X $8 = ______

Please email completed forms to :

IMPORTANT : Meals must be pre-ordered to ensure sufficient quantities. Deadline for pre orders is: June 2, 2016



Ordering Meals for Friday

Good afternoon.

Meals can be paid for by cash or check made out to SFLC or credit/debit card on site when you register and will receive meal tickets.

There will be a SFLC JBQ representative present to assist you with questions.

There will be no confirmations sent back that the church recieved your order unless you did not tell them who or where you are from.

The meal order deadline is next Tuesday due to Memorial Day on Monday.

Ordering Meals for Friday

Good morning.

When you are sending in via e-mail your meal order be sure to include the name of your church – including city and state. The host church won’t know who ordered what if you don’t.

Also when sending in your team pictures make sure to include the same information or I will have to guess who you are – and that will probably ensure a funny mix up of team pictures.

Thank you.

Coaches Information – E’mail sent

2016 JBQ National Festival Plan

 Congratulations on being part of the 31st annual Junior Bible Quiz National Festival. We are so excited that you’ll be joining us at Sheffield Family Life Center in Kansas City, MO on June 9-11, 2016. It will be an awesome time for us to “Show Me the Truth” and to crown the National Junior Bible Quiz Champion for 2016. Please be praying for a great time of quizzing and fellowship, and for God to meet us in a special way.

Please read though this document completely so that you, as the team’s Coordinator or Coach, will know exactly what is happening and what you need to do to prepare for the festival.

Here is a checklist of items to complete before arriving at the festival.


  1. Book your hotel stay. On your email response when you registered there was a listing of the hotels. Thank you for using these hotels. This will help us keep the costs down for the Festival.
  1. Plan to have some fun in Kansas City! We are right by Worlds of Fun but there are many other things to do in Kansas City. Check out the attached newsletter for more ideas on what to do in Kansas City.


  1. Get your order in for festival T-shirts. If you want the JBQ Festival T-shirt you need to pre-order by May 25th to guarantee that you will get a shirt. Order these online at:


  1. Order your festival photos. There will be a professional photographer on-site taking pictures for us at the festival.  In addition to the individual team photos, we will have a group photo taken with all 80 teams and their entourages.  To receive a discounted price, pre-order your photos by June 1sth by going to


  1. Pre-register for your meals. The church will be serving lunch on both Friday and Saturday, and we are asking that you do NOT leave the church. Quizzing will start back up as quickly as it can after lunch.  Please pre-register your meals for Friday and Saturday by emailing this email – You will pay for your meals when you check in on Thursday. The meal choices are:
    1. Friday
      1. Italian chicken

Seasoned potatoes
Green beans with rolls
Tea and lemonade


  1. KC BBQ pulled pork

Seasoned potatoes
Green beans with rolls
Tea and lemonade

  1. Saturday
    1. Jason’s Deli choice of

Ham Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich
Roast Beef

  1. Includes Chip Cookie and Soft Drink


  1. Ensure all registration information is correct. We have entered all the information you supplied on your registration into our database. If changes need to be made, please use the link that was given to you in your confirmation email.  Because we need time to make name tags and finalize the database, any changes need to be made before May 27th After that date, your information is final.


  1. Submit a picture of introduction of your team. At the festival’s opening ceremony all the teams will be introduced. As you are announced, this picture and your team name will appear on the screen. We are asking that you send us a picture of all your team members and coach, keeping in mind the theme “Show Me the Truth”.  The team that is most creative with this picture will get a $50.00 certificate to use at one of our festival vendor booths.  You can use props, go to a creative place, get the team in some creative pose or do something with the 2016 Festival logo.  Use your imagination and come up with a fun, creative photo!  Send your JPEG picture to Michael Paulsen ( by May 27th.  If you cannot supply a picture by the deadline, your team will still be announced, but without a picture.


  1. Consider making a team offering to BGMC. This year again we will be taking an offering for BGMC. The project this year will be helping other people in third world countries study the word of God. Many people don’t have the advantage of flicking on a switch and having light. They have to study their Bible or their books by candlelight. We will be providing small solar power generators for people plus other tools that will give them more opportunities to learn of God and His word. Be planning now for that offering. All of us will be enjoying hot water, the comforts of our hotels and the fun we will be having. Let’s give to those less fortunate. Our goal this year is $6,000.00. We can do this as we all work together.


  1. Ensure your officials are prepared. Please have all those registered as score keepers watch this online video:  It is about the computer scoring that we will be using at the festival.  Also, please have ALL OFFICIALS read the rules before coming to the festival.  We all need to be at our best for the weekend!


  1. Fill out your release forms online before getting to the festival. You cannot quiz without those filled out release forms for every quizzer.


  1. Get your buzzer set ready. Each team is asked to bring a working buzzer set (please check it before coming) and an extension cord.  Please label both with your church’s name and city as well as a cell phone number of someone attending the festival. Last year two rooms where held up because a coach brought a quiz box but knew it was not working. It put the WHOLE day behind. Be considered of others and check and make sure it works. Thank You!







Checking in:  Check in will begin at 4:00 PM. You will check in by region and your Regional Coordinator will be there to greet you. We only need the coach to check in the team and officials.  In your check-in materials, you will have name tags for your team and coaches.  Please have your team wear them the entire time you are at the festival. At check in, you will receive a registration checklist to assist in getting you completely registered.  At this time you will also be directed where to take your buzzer set.  All teams need to be checked in by 5:30pm.  All teams MUST check in and be at the opening ceremony.  You may forfeit your first round if your team is not there.


Team pictures:  Each team will receive a plaque at the awards ceremony that will have a team picture on it.  You can send a team picture to and we will then work with that picture to be used for the plaque.  If you want, you can have your team picture taken on site but that MUST be done on Thursday.  Pictures will be taken on Thursday from 3:30-6:20pm and after the group picture.


After checking in this is a great time to check out where you will be quizzing. In your packet you will get your schedule and map, so you can see where your rooms are and where you will go for your first round on Friday morning.


Officials meeting:  At 5:45 there will be a meeting for all officials.  The meeting will be let out before the opening ceremony at 6:30.


Opening Ceremony:  The ceremony starts at 6:30pm.  We will be reserving seats for all teams to sit together for the opening ceremony. It will last one hour and then we will be taking the group picture. You will be free to leave by 8:00 PM unless you need to have your team picture taken for the plaque.




Checking in:  Check-in is at 8:15am and quizzing will start promptly at 8:30am – please be in your room and ready to quiz!


Quizzing:  Hall Coordinators will be around to help make sure things are going smoothly and keep hallways quiet. They will let you know where you will be eating and when and where breaks will be. We do ask that you move quickly between rooms. We need to get 15 rounds in on Friday and want all teams to finish as close together as possible. Please be considerate of other teams and not make others wait.


Lunch:  You will be eating on site for lunch. No teams or officials should leave at lunch time. We want to eat and then get back to quizzing as quickly as possible.


Worship service:  When quizzing is done we will have a 1 hour service in the Sanctuary. It will be a time of worship, and then our quest speakers, Rev Jay Risner will be sharing on the need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. We expect God to do great things as we worship Him and seek to be empowered by His Holy Spirit. We know your kids know the word–what we want to see is that knowledge mix with God’s power. We want to see an army of kids inspired to impact their world for Jesus. We are praying and expecting God to do great things this year.  Make this part of your plans for the festival.


After the worship service North Central University, one our Assemblies of God Bible Colleges, has a gift for each child.


The results of Friday quizzing will be posted on-line after the service. You will receive a text when the results are posted.




Checking in:  Check-in is at 8:00am and quizzing will start promptly at 8:15 AM.


Quizzing:  You will have 9 rounds of quizzing on Saturday, all before lunch. When quizzing is done, you should go to lunch and then to the sanctuary.


Awards ceremony:  The awards ceremony will start around 1:30. We have some fun surprises that you and your kids will not want to miss. We will be taking the BGMC offering at this time. Each team will be recognized and will receive a plaque. Each child will also get a patch. We will celebrate each team and then crown our National Junior Bible Quiz Champion for 2016. After crowning our Champion we will announce where the 32nd Festival will be.


We will have three newsletters that will be produced during the festival, and you will be able to share them electronically with friends and your church. We will also be posting the results of the quizzing on the JBQ Festival website.  Please sign up for the Festival Blog and follow the festival on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to give this information to your church, your District and friends. Use these tools to help us promote Junior Bible Quiz.


It is going to be an awesome three days together! Please help us prepare in a timely way by taking care of all the things you need to do in the next 30 days. This information is posted on the National Festival Web site as well.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact


Let me encourage you to join me and the staff in praying over the Festival. Pray His Love, His Peace and His Joy will fill this Festival.


See you June 9th!


Pastor Barry

Junior Bible Quiz National Festival Coordinator